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If you’re looking for Mortgage Brokers in Dartmouth then look no further! 

My name is Michelle Drover and I’ve been helping Canadians navigate the complexities of the mortgage financing and the mortgage approval process for over 32 years. I can help you navigate your mortgage and the Dartmouth landscape. Below are my top five reasons why Dartmouth is a wonderful place to live.

I can help you navigate the Dartmouth area in Nova Scotia with Premiere Mortgage

3 Reason Reasons To Get A Mortgage In Dartmouth 

#1 – The Ferry 

Dartmouth was founded by pioneers, industrialists and entrepreneurs. The abundance of fresh water surrounding Dartmouth gave it the nickname The City of Lakes. That is why the Dartmouth Ferry is the longest running salt water service on the continent. It’s a physical and historical link between Halifax and Dartmouth. The Ferry connects the downtown core of Dartmouth to the downtown core of Halifax. Allowing residents to access low cost mortgages in Dartmouth with quick access to work in Halifax.   

#2 – Affordability

Dartmouth Nova Scotia is a great place to live for young families. The average home price is much more affordable compared to counterparts Halifax and Bedford. Known for its picturesque downtown waterfront with family-friendly restaurants, small independent shops, and the Easter Front Theatre. There are plenty of things to do in Dartmouth, and the community is very friendly. If you’re looking for a great place to buy your first home, Dartmouth Nova Scotia is the perfect place to get your mortgage. 

#3 – Shopping

Dartmouth is home to Dartmouth Crossing where you can find shopping outlets like Under Armour Factory House or Tommy Hilfigure. That is why Dartmouth remains affordable whether you’re shopping for clothing or mortgages. Once you’re tired of shopping you can quickly make your way to Playdium to let the kids have fun playing old school arcade games and VR. 

Those are my top three reasons why getting a mortgage in Dartmouth is a perfect decision and I Michelle Drover can be your Mortgage Broker in Dartmouth. 

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